The British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) is the governing body for university sports in the United Kingdom. It is responsible for organising inter-university sports within the UK and representative teams for the World University Championships and the World University Games. The body was founded in 1994, one of its co-founders being Alun Evans. Apart from a couple of Oxbridge events British university sport is not followed by the general public, so the BUSA has a much lower profile in the British sporting scene than the NCAA has in the United States, although BUSA is trying to change this.

BUSA is responsible for governing all British university sport at national and international level including the World University Games. BUSA coordinates around 1.2 million students who compete in 3200 teams and 503 leagues of all kinds of sports across Britain.

University sports clubs can affiliate to BUSA through their Athletic Union or students’ union when no separate AU exists. BUSA has the biggest sporting programme in Europe, with 503 participating leagues.


BUSA currently has three main sponsors. Vodafone was announced as the title sponsor of BUSA at the start of the 2006-7 academic year. Vodafone and BUSA now offer a graduate recruitment partnership whereby graduates are placed on the graduate training scheme at Vodafone The Daily Telegraph newspaper has sponsored BUSA since 1998, they publish regular reports about BUSA events in both The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. PriceWaterhouseCoopers has been sponsoring BUSA since 1999.

BUSA also has other sponsorship deals with Barclays and Lucozade Sports Drinks.

BUSA sports

    * Archery

    * Association Football

    * Athletics

    * Badminton

    * Basketball

    * Boxing

    * Canoe (and Kayak)

    * Clay Pigeon Shooting

    * Climbing

    * Cricket

    * Cycling

    * Diving

    * Equestrian

    * Fencing

    * Fives

    * Gaelic football.

          o See: British University Gaelic Football Championship

    * Golf

    * Gymnastics

    * Hockey

    * Judo

    * Ju Jitsu

    * Karate

    * Korfball

    * Lacrosse

    * Modern Biathlon

    * Netball

    * Orienteering

    * Pool

    * Rifle

    * Rowing

    * Rugby league

    * Rugby Union

    * Sailing

    * Snooker

    * Snowsports

    * Squash

    * Surfing

    * Swimming

    * Table Tennis

    * Taekwondo

    * Tennis

    * Ten-pin bowling

    * Trampolining

    * Triathlon

    * Ultimate

    * Volleyball

    * Water Polo

    * Windsurfing

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